Morning Briefing: Here's what you need to know to start your day
Smugglers offer luxury passage for migrants, if they can pay
"After our darkest of nights, Manchester is today waking up to the most difficult of dawns," the city's mayor said
The former CIA director is testifying in front of the House Intelligence Committee today
Document: The Trump administration's 2018 budget
RT @nytopinion: The effort to take health insurance from people is like mold. It grows best in the dark. https://t.…
Opinion: "My family didn’t accept me. Ole Miss did."
An 18-year-old with a big open smile and a love of pop music is the first Manchester attack victim to be named
President Trump's budget cuts deeply into Medicaid and anti-poverty efforts
The latest on Russia hearings: Trump's budget: Manchester:
It is perhaps humankind's most complex board game. And the best human player was just beaten by a computer program.
What is Joe Arpaio up to since losing his job as sheriff? Not much, it turns out.
On Manchester victims: "The thought that anyone could go out to a concert and not come home is heartbreaking"
RT @nytimesworld: Manchester bombing offers a test of how President Trump will respond to a terror strike. https://…
RT @CourageWL: Jetzt unterschreiben! #IamWikiLeaks offener Brief an Präsident Trump von @couragefound #wikileaks…
It was that moment after the music ends. Then, with the arena still full of exhilaration, came the explosion.
The Manchester suspect was identified as Salman Abedi, a Briton of Libyan descent who lived near the arena
What to expect if North Korea decides to conduct its sixth nuclear bomb test
How the Manchester concert attack compares to recent terrorist attacks in Europe
ISIS claimed responsibility for the Manchester attack, the deadliest terrorist assault in Britain since 2005
RT @wikileaks: Obama's CIA head John Brennan makes his case on Tuesday: I'm not going to discuss WikiLeaks "lest my head explode right here…
After criticism for failing to address NYC's transit problems, Gov. Cuomo took responsibility for fixing them
Here's Queen Elizabeth II's statement on the Manchester concert attack
RT @itscaitlinhd: Know anyone who went into public service bc of the federal loan forgiveness program? If so, please email caitlin.dickerso…
RT @SarahMaslinNir: Over the weekend I watched the final ever @RinglingBros Circus pack up the big top forever. I'll never forget it. https…
Saffie Rose Roussos, an 8-year-old girl, was among the 22 Manchester bombing victims
Police arrested a 23-year-old man in Manchester in connection with the concert bombing. They later raided a home.
The Christian governor of Jakarta withdrew an appeal of his 2-year sentence for blasphemy against Islam
"It is wishful thinking." An analysis of President Trump's first budget:
She surprised her daughter with Ariana Grande tickets. Now, a mom's not sure how to "explain any of this."
The latest on the Manchester bombing
Britain's threat level has been raised to its highest level, indicating another terrorist attack may be imminent
Critics say President Trump's budget cuts could imperil American leadership in cutting-edge clean energy industries
Breaking News: Roger Moore is dead at 89. The British actor brought tongue-in-cheek humor to the James Bond persona.
Roger Moore, the British actor who played James Bond in 7 films, has died at 89
Manchester Arena "inspired" by response of the people of Manchester after attack at pop concert in the venue…
What we know and don't know about the Manchester concert bombing
Former CIA head said publicly for the first time that he was concerned about possible Russia ties to Trump campaign
Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day
What we don't yet know about Manchester attack: -Bomber's name -Extent of ISIS ties -How many victims were children
Can we steal you for a sec? Let's talk about the fraught racial dynamics in "The Bachelorette."
Analysis: Why President Trump's first budget is "wishful thinking"
President Trump cast Saudi Arabia into a leading role in his plan for a Israeli/Palestinian peace deal
James Corden: "If it was even possible, the spirit of the people of Manchester will grow even stronger this evening"
The Times reviewed each of Roger Moore's James Bond movies. Here's what we said at the time.
Manchester Arena bomb suspect named as 22-year-old Salman Abedi by police, but not formally identified by coroner
An island in the Philippines has been put under martial law after armed men killed a police officer and 2 soldiers
Broadway's box office had a record $1.45 billion in sales this season because of a strategy called dynamic pricing
California is emerging as the de facto negotiator for the U.S. on the environment
One NYT reader's reaction to an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester
Ex-CIA chief John Brennan testified that he had concerns in 2016 that Russia was trying to influence Trump campaign
RT @greenpeaceusa: The Dakota Access Pipeline leaked TWICE in March and once in April -- and it's not even fully operational yet https://t.…
RT @WLTaskForce: Promo released for new German-Spanish film on the legal fight surrounding the Assange siege #HackingJustice…
RT @CourageWL: La lettre ouverte de @couragefound à Trump au sujet de #WikiLeaks est disponible en francais! Pour signer:…
Baltimore-area renters complain about a neglectful, litigious landlord. Few of them know it's Jared Kushner.
Former James Bond star, Sir Roger Moore, dies aged 89 from cancer, family say
Bresha Meadows, the Ohio teenager who fatally shot her allegedly abusive father last summer, accepted a plea deal
A dispatch from President Trump's trip to Israel
This is the "most appalling act of violence" - Labour leader @jeremycorbyn reacts to Manchester Arena attack…
California is holding itself out as a model to other states — and to nations — on how to fight climate change
RT @cspan: Former CIA Director Brennan testifies on #Russia before @HouseIntelComm – LIVE at 10am ET on C-SPAN3 htt…
Fox News retracted a story about the murder of Seth Rich, a DNC staff member
California is holding itself out as a model to other states — and to nations — on how to fight climate change…
RT @NYTHealth: Breaking News: After 2 rounds of voting, W.H.O. elected Tedros of Ethiopia as its new chief https://…
These are some of the people who will be affected by President Trump's proposed budget cuts
#DYK? More people are heading to court to spur action on #climatechange
Ex-England football boss Sam Allardyce resigns from Crystal Palace, saying "I have no ambitions to take another job…
How art is calling us to reconsider our environment. #PalmOil
Members of armed forces to be deployed across the UK as terror level raised – PM Theresa May
Cortez Kennedy, a Hall of Fame defensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks, was found dead. He was 48.
The Manchester concert bombing, in photos
Get behind the wheel with one of South Africa’s first female professional car spinners in today's #Daily360 video…
Opinion: President Trump's Mideast contradictions
PM Theresa May: UK terror threat level raised from severe to critical, which means further attack may be imminent…
Queen & Buckingham Palace garden party guests to observe minute's silence at 16:00 BST following Manchester attack
RT @NYTMetro: The Park Lane Hotel was to become a luxury tower. That was before the global intrigue and money laundering charges. https://t…
Trump's budget proposes cutting $143 billion to student loan programs, including federally subsidized loans
Social scientists don't want to ask permission for their experiments anymore
Trump administration is split on adding troops in Afghanistan
What the former CIA director told the House Intelligence Committee
RT @NYTMetro: Where has $100 billion in subway investment gone? Toward fixing today's problems, not preventing tomorrow's.…
With the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, how will North Korea behave?
The Amazon Reef is an unique ecosystem. Drilling nearby could cause irreparable damage
The director of national intelligence wouldn't say whether President Trump asked him to push back on Russia inquiry
Controlled explosion takes place at address in Fallowfield, south Manchester, as part of investigation into attack…
A minute’s silence observed at Manchester's Albert Square to remember victims of Monday's attack…
We will not be silenced. #OurVoicesAreVital
The 2018 Winter Games are in South Korea and some are worried that North Korea will ruin the party
What is Joe Arpaio up to since losing his job as sheriff? Not much, it turns out.
Why @aoscott thinks Roger Moore was the best James Bond
Maybe a little fun is coming back to the NFL, which is relaxing its rules on celebrations
Silencing criticism can take many forms. Suing people and advocacy groups into a state of paralysis in one of them…
It was that moment after the music ends. Then, with the arena still full of exhilaration, came the explosion.
Baltimore-area renters complain about a neglectful, litigious landlord. Few of them know it's Jared Kushner.
The former CIA director gave the fullest public account to date of the origins of the FBI's Russia investigation
The latest updates on the Manchester attack
President Trump and Mahmoud Abbas emerged from their meeting with hopeful but vague words
This #WorldTurtleDay take action to ensure tuna giant @thaiuniongroup protects sea turtles threatened by fishing ge…
President Trump condemned those responsible for the Manchester attack as "evil losers"
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