RT @nytopinion: The health care quagmire is evidence of an existential crisis in the Republican Party https://t.co/gftBpOyGie https://t.co/…
RT @greenpeaceusa: BREAKING: #KXL approved by @StateDept, our response from @AnnieMLeonard here https://t.co/xwklXxS40V Time to #RESIST htt…
Why did Rick Perry wade into Texas A&M's student body president election? He's a loyal Aggie. https://t.co/CXDQhiWMlR
Updated: The parts of the Affordable Care Act that the Republican health care bill would keep or discard… https://t.co/dFiSOYnRoY
George Weinberg, a psychotherapist who invented the word homophobia, has died https://t.co/sSd9UOkXVu
Hosni Mubarak, the former Egyptian president, is free after a long effort to hold him accountable for rights abuses https://t.co/IpjgFXA0W7
RT @Yamiche: What will the Dems be doing while Paul Ryan speaks? Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee, Keith Ellison, and others are holding a "#KillT…
US media reports that the vote on the Republican healthcare bill has been pulled https://t.co/0XPYliB9rU https://t.co/jOjYTH6zO7
Moments after the health bill was pulled, Trump told NYT that he blamed Democrats, not Paul Ryan, for its failure https://t.co/Mb50twDt9C
The latest: President Trump blames Democrats as House Republicans pulled their health care bill from consideration https://t.co/9xOjmDbcyd
Six people arrested as part of investigation into Westminster terror attack have been released without charge… https://t.co/Nhkk8j680r
John Mayer: "It turns out that I was under the impression that I was a bigger star than I was" https://t.co/84fs2TcaS5
India quietly became the world’s largest exporter of meat. Now it's shutting part of the industry down. https://t.co/o0cxh1wOec
How House Republicans are planning to vote on the Affordable Care Act replacement bill https://t.co/I9LZ5te0rr
James K. Polk, the 11th president of the U.S., now faces the prospect of having his eternal rest disturbed — again https://t.co/CCiEx9jgAo
The grieving father of the Germanwings co-pilot involved in a fatal crash is trying to clear his son's name https://t.co/M4ylGr0srz
A future powered by renewable energy is closer than you might think https://t.co/o2RTOZnpik https://t.co/dZnKwehqxY
Bao Bao’s new life in China has been not easy, one of her keepers said https://t.co/N7LE5rkQvt https://t.co/bAhs4R2xAh
NYC is made up of 66,000 blocks, every one unique. Readers showed us the best and worst. https://t.co/UuqpMDfVrq
Trump has told 4 people close to him that he regrets going along with Paul Ryan's plan to push health care first https://t.co/ktGmFSTTEe
Trump suffered a major setback in the bid to repeal the Affordable Care Act: House Republicans pulled their bill https://t.co/xRNxwhQDgY
The House is set to vote on the Republican health care bill. Join our reporters as they discuss the vote live. https://t.co/LZ4wRO3ayl
California congressman is under criminal investigation after allegedly spending campaign funds on trips and tuition https://t.co/V0deMcUjbE
Opinion: Whatever happens on health care, the Republican Party is headed for a showdown with itself. https://t.co/HNEK2NjQHI
Up to 200 civilians were reported killed by recent U.S. airstrikes in Mosul. The military says it’s investigating. https://t.co/xfWErDtAXo
The bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is set for a vote on Friday afternoon https://t.co/sKIyiTb4xc
Paul Manafort, ex-Trump campaign manager who is under fire for ties to Russia, will testify before House committee https://t.co/xKhl5F8KXu
She had 24 hours to get the money for the ACT test. Her paycheck wasn't due for a week and she was about to give up. https://t.co/Gweu35faP3
RT @arappeport: Trump says "it certainly was an interesting period of time." He adds, "we learned a lot. We learned a lot about loyalty."
Breaking News: The Trump administration said it would issue a permit for construction of the Keystone oil pipeline https://t.co/3i0wjzqibH
Trump has done more to highlight the unfairness of the tax code than any other president, @jamesstewartnyt writes https://t.co/iIiHpWKA7P
Morning Briefing: Here's what you need to know to start your day https://t.co/x1WrE2jJuk https://t.co/8EmIbC47L4
Paul Ryan rushed to the White House to tell Trump he did not have the votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act https://t.co/iadxlq7mMn
RT @jmartNYT: I asked a House R leadership aide what was final trigger to pull the bill: "Freedom Caucus never moved"
RT @nytgraphics: As of 2:45 p.m., Republicans do not appear to have the 215 votes needed to pass the House health care bill. https://t.co/s…
RT @lajornadaonline: Cada dos días es asesinado un activista ambiental: @Greenpeace y @Global_Witnesshttps://t.co/gJBDTA9Q2T https://t.c…
China all but exhausted its fisheries by the mid-1980s. Now it's moving to west African seas https://t.co/ZGgaK1bPbN https://t.co/LIg3rIEvEZ
"This was the demonstrative murder of a witness, common for the Kremlin," Ukraine's prosecutor general said https://t.co/DqnRWID9CM
The Arctic sea level hit a new record low—but oil companies still want to drill there https://t.co/alTcWTYx3B… https://t.co/3hhE06RYVh
The terrorist attack in London comes in an important election year in critical European countries https://t.co/lss2VZHygn
When bees disappear, humans are in trouble, too. Help #SaveBees >> https://t.co/IFbxOdP31u https://t.co/LT97MpBiIM
Opinion: Following the Russian money https://t.co/tp3gVxI1PM https://t.co/XFJNayv4OG
Marine Le Pen, the French far right candidate, has never hidden her admiration for Putin. On Friday, they met. https://t.co/WZ3juOTfg5
Opinion: Allegations of harassment at the feminist-minded company Thinx expose bigger problems https://t.co/8ESkazZG0b
Trump and aides pushed for a health vote so they could shame Republicans who opposed it. Paul Ryan talked them down. https://t.co/80nY1nBwrO
Republicans pulled their health care bill, in a defeat for President Trump on his first legislative showdown https://t.co/o7XGUtDHnh
Before the House vote: -What the bill changes: https://t.co/XIovBxb707 -Vote count: https://t.co/LpmvsjOT5F -Latest: https://t.co/SREdE526fX
How House Republicans are planning to vote on the Obamacare replacement https://t.co/LrvPEeSNZH https://t.co/NN9h1lEzin
We all make money trade-offs to afford the things we want. NYT readers share theirs. https://t.co/n0iurMZdKI
Facing a revolt among Republicans, Paul Ryan warned the White House that he can't pass the health care bill https://t.co/8Q83G6okqS
Trump calls the NYT to blame Democrats for failure of health bill: “We got no Democratic votes” https://t.co/a7jr31K607
Opinion: "Donald Trump vowed to drain the swamp, but this bill is pure swamp" https://t.co/hFi364336f
"Hero" MP Tobias Ellwood & Ben Wallace appointed to Privy Council in recognition of response to London attack… https://t.co/4ltyXEFgj9
"Obamacare is exploding, with no Democrat support we couldn't get there": @POTUS Trump on healthcare vote withdrawa… https://t.co/YHxFnnnbu2
California is pushing ahead with stricter auto emissions standards, setting up a face-off with the White House https://t.co/yZtMWxDNBi
"Selling underwear on a podcast was always my highest aspiration," said former Obama aide Jon Favreau https://t.co/3igTqGUbB2
A school dropped plans to use "Jacob's New Dress" in a lesson about bullying after a conservative group complained https://t.co/twQ843Gd0e
Read about how the other side thinks: Here's writing from across the political spectrum that you might have missed. https://t.co/JxnFa1OUhr
RT @GlennThrush: Trump, Bannon and Marc Short wanted to force a public vote to create a GOP enemies list of 'no' voters. Ryan said no.https…
RT @mattfleg: Ryan: "I will not sugarcoat this. This is a disappointing day for us."
RT @nytvideo: Paul Ryan on pulling the health bill: "This is a setback, no two ways about it. Obamacare is the law of the land." https://t.…
With no evidence of widespread voter fraud, Republicans are citing "perception" of fraud as a reason for ID laws https://t.co/LlXyCSAoaF
We're live in Istanbul discussing next month's referendum in Turkey. Leave your questions here: https://t.co/yIEJWf4ns2
"No vote," according to a senior Republican official, @juliehdavis reports https://t.co/6vuav9KaZ9 https://t.co/nhqmh7oCTM
With House Republicans having pulled their health care bill, join Times reporters for real-time analysis… https://t.co/YOPB5wQ1LD
Meet two faces of Turkey's refugee crisis: A poor boy and a rich smuggler https://t.co/cWHvaBh49E https://t.co/IxOKp0N8zt
The man who killed Timothy Caughman told police he has "hated black men since I was a kid," an official said https://t.co/QsJ5UteISJ
Opinion: She was on the L train when a man started harassing her. She recounts the incident in today's #Daily360.… https://t.co/vLnfqAnWfn
RT @Yamiche: In my inbox: House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) will hold a press conference today, March 24, at 4:00 p.m. ET
These maps will show you how much Americans think and talk about #climatechange https://t.co/aV8B2dE8UE https://t.co/uB2FPMutkx
Opinion: The Republican Party is headed for a showdown with itself. https://t.co/UOLi7JlUJW
Watch live: Paul Ryan is delivering remarks on the Republican health care bill https://t.co/xtyaPTDeKx
Paul Ryan: "We are going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future" https://t.co/BpqcR8xOBa
Former Penn State president found guilty of one count of child endangerment in Sandusky sex abuse case https://t.co/VFrCwMEB0v
The 9 big changes Republicans made to their health care bill, and why they made them https://t.co/NW20hSSRnT
When a Jewish 18-year-old was arrested in Israel for bomb threats in the U.S., the town he lived in was stunned https://t.co/2klw6khoO1
How to log off Facebook forever https://t.co/2pXfjY4E7o
Since her move to China, Bao Bao has had to learn Mandarin with a Sichuan accent and adjust to the local food https://t.co/sMkwoFrFHN
Trump to NYT, on health bill: "The best thing that could happen is exactly what happened — watch" https://t.co/WsNwgqRh7A
The Senate killed rules that would have stopped broadband providers from tracking your activity without permission https://t.co/6pHZkRWf9Z
US President Donald Trump's administration approves Keystone XL pipeline https://t.co/LuzqU6qK1p
Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day https://t.co/8dHslKHTye https://t.co/7qHKH3d7gi
The man who fired a rifle inside the D.C. pizzeria at the center of Pizzagate pleaded guilty to weapons charges https://t.co/AjC3jgFLp0
Disney said that Robert Iger will remain chief executive and chairman until July 2019 https://t.co/KIzete45fm
Opinion: The scammers, the scammed and America's fate https://t.co/mcA2yGHPeM https://t.co/SEoCDSFn2E
Coal’s demise is inevitable. https://t.co/MyY0Akl36X https://t.co/RdDE5e5fFF
Netflix is doing a deep spring cleaning of its catalog. Watch these titles before they expire. https://t.co/c7NP0U4fNa
China’s intensifying efforts to keep money from leaving the country have cost one woman her dream home https://t.co/efkQoi2kYx
Some people are calling Sam Gold’s “The Glass Menagerie” manipulative. Our critic calls it vital theater. https://t.co/JwG3N8tflk
The Times will be counting the vote on the health care bill live. Keep this page open: https://t.co/cGxUjamcka
College basketball teams have coaches. And then they have life coaches. https://t.co/M8vz9rBhEt
President Trump, who takes intense pride in his ability to cut deals, finds himself in a humbling negotiation https://t.co/BEWjC9ofRT
RT @SKAVLANTVShow: Emma Thompson on being a "celebrity" on board a @Greenpeace ship. #Skavlan https://t.co/a8XZbWlZqn
How House Republicans are planning to vote on the Affordable Care Act replacement bill https://t.co/PzO4o8US2l
RT @maggieNYT: TRUMP told me he is happy having this in the rearview mirror. "It's enough already," he said of the negotiations.
RT @mattfleg: Ryan giving Trump cover: "The president gave his all in this effort…He’s been fantastic." Will WH do the same?
Opinion: "Republicans seem to have an evil genius for tone-deafness when it comes to women" https://t.co/pBuZZOBc04
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